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HTML Showcase Site From Google

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what is HTML showcase site?

It’ is  a site showcases the prowess of HTML 5.   HTML is the really next big thing in the world of internet. It’s  is cool! it’s awesome, it’s the next big thing, and it’s going give us a jaw dropping experience.

HTML 5 Studio is HTML showcase site from Google.The HTML5 Studio has nine demos that show off some fanciful sides of HTML5, CSS3 and friends.Some examples are not customizable, which means that what you see is what you get. You can download the whole demo, though, or you can view the source.Other demos (like the Newspaper Columns one) are more customizable, and they have a few sliders that you can move around in order to see how they affect the layout.

The resulting CSS is complex. To be honest, the whole thing feels so unlike Google that, if it didn’t have that “Made by Google” text at the bottom and the Twitter link that leads to ChromiumDev, I would never have thought it was a Google product; I nearly skipped it before I noticed the label.

Another disclaimer that appears on the site says, “This site contains information on APIs that are not part of the current W3C HTML5 specification.” So, I guess that you can mainly count on these examples to work in Chrome (and the ones that I’ve tried do), but don’t push your luck with other browsers.

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