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Translate Documents Using Google Docs

Google docs is introducing new features day by day.The latest feature is translation of documents in different languages.It uses Google Translates technology.It currents supports upto 42 different languages.Here s a small demo about how to do it.

  1. Go to Google docs.
  2. Enter your google account information and login.
  3. Click on the New—> and select document
  4. Type the things necessary and save it.
  5. Then click Tools menu and select “Translate Document” option and select what language to which ypu want to translate.
  6. Though translations are not nearly perfect it gives us more or less correct translation.
  7. one can replace the original document with the translated one keep documents in two different languages.



Tweet In Many Languages

There are lot of twitter related services, the recent one is twinslator. Many people use Google translator to translate their tweets. Like one problem with Google translator is that we have to use one site to translate and we have to use twitter for tweeting. But with this tool we can translate and tweet in the same place.twin







Further we can also twin all our tweets or only the translate the tweets. There are also similar services like tweettranslate and tweettrans. One may think what is need of tweeting in other languages. This will be useful for those who do business on different countries and also if one is having any great thoughts let it reach other countries also.

                                Happy Tweeting

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