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How to send .exe file as an attachment in email

Many of us want to send executable files i.e.(.exe) as an attachment in mail, but it is not possible because most viruses are executables having extension .exe..If you try to add an executable file as an attachment the mail service will refuse to do so. Here is a way to send exe file as attachments.

  1. Imagine you are having a file abc.exe.
  2. If want this send this file as attachment right click on it and select rename.
  3. In that remove the file extension lke for the above file will be named as abc.(Remove the period(.) also).
  4. Now in your mail type what is the extension for the file and send it with the file.
  5. The receiver will have to again rename the file to it’s original name to acess it.
  6. That is he has to rename as abc.exe again.
  7. This happens because windows cannot recognise a file without it’s extension.
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