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Just Be You

The art of being yourself at your best is the art of unfolding your personality into the man you want to be. Be gentle with yourself, learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, for only as we have the right attitude toward ourselves can we have the right attitude toward others.

Wilfred Peterson


Linux Quotes

When I bought a computer the label on It said 

“You need windows 98 or better”

So I chose Linux


In a world of no boundaries and wall 

who needs gates and windows

Coloured Skin

This was a poem written a African kid

When I born, I black

When I grow up I black

When I go in sun, I black

When I fear, I black

When I sick I black

When I die I still black

And you

When you born you pink

When You grow white

When you go in sun red

When you fear yellow

when you cold you blue

When you sick green

When you die Gray

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