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A Trajic Story

A man was who escaped bomb blast hiroshima was admitted in hospital. When he came to conscience he asked where he was,the doctor “you are very lucky, you are one of very few alive and you are in Nagasaki’.


True Freinds

In,a battle camp, a soldier prepares to go and bring back his injured freind. His captain says “don’t go he’ll be dead”. Still he goes and comes back with dead body of his freind. The captain says “see I told you it is of no use”,.

The soldier replied “no sir it was usefull.When I went there he was alive an told to me that”,

“HEY MAN I KNOW YOU WILL COME” and “died in my hands”

Meaning of my blog title

Kadambam is tamil word
mixture of diffrent types of
things. In the same way my blog
will contain posts on variety of toppics

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