About Me

Hi this is  Aron Nirmal Rosario. I’m a student pursuing Master of Computer Application in Pondicherry university, pondicherry India. I’m interested in lot activities and topics. Frankly speaking I’m confused on what is favourite pastime or topic to blog. That’s the reason you can find post on wide range of topics in my blog. I don’t know what my passion is and still searching for it.

The topics that interest me are

  • Linux and open source
  • web browsing
  • computer hardware troubleshooting
  • Environment related issues
  • politics
  • Bike Riding
My activities include
  • Web Browsing
  • Installing and Trying out new softwares
  • Bike Riding
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Blogging
  1. am new to linux and would like to know if software meant of ubuntu can run on fedora (14).

    • NO It’s possible, because Ubuntu is based on Debian so we can install only *.deb packages. Fedora on the other hand is based on Red Hat so we can only install *.rpm packages. In most cases both rpm and deb packages for the same software. There are some ways to convert a deb into rpm but I’m not sure whether the this method will work or not.

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