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Two hundred years of British rule of the Indian subcontinent made English a status symbol and a key to upward social mobility.English In India is spoken with a lot of native language influence. Many South Asians have put their hearts and souls into mastering the language, but in doing so they have created their own dialect.Samosapedia

Samosapedia was started a month ago and it has compiled more than 2,500 definitions and is quickly becoming a cultural touchstone for the young and hip of India. One can consider it as Indian Version of Urban Dictionary. Just like Urban Dictionary has explanation for terms and phrases which are not part of standard english, Samosapedia contains terms and phrases used only in India.

For Example,

Machaan   Noun

Tamil / Kannada slang; equivalent of “Dude”.

Actual meaning in Tamil: Brother-in-law.

Alternate spelling: macha.

“Machaan, where’s my car?”

What da, machaan, full tight on Saturday night aa?”

Related terms: GuruMagaMachaMachihero
Root: Tamil  |  Region: South India, Bangalore
It’s hilarious at the same time definition is correct, so if anyone finds it  difficult to understand Indian English visit this website.


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