What is Love?

Q. Define love. explain it in detail with a diagram. (10 marks)

Definition: A serious disorder of heart between men and women that can cause death one or both the affected persons depending on the resistance encountered.

  1. One Sided
  2. Two Sided
One Sided:
This is when either of the one is affected by the disorder, and the other is highly immune to this problem. This condition is mostly found in men and very rarely occurs in women.

Two Sided:
This happens when both the persons are affected by this disorder.


  • Tension
  • Daydreaming
  • Insomnia
  • Phone Addiction
  • Not taking  food properly
Age Of Occurrence:
Love is most common problem for teenagers. Recent studies show that love can come as early as age 10 and it may occur until


  • Diary
  • Mobile
  • Photos
Modern day love is automatically curable. Recent studies show that most of the times love doesn’t last long as it used to be olden days. Most of the times it lasts only for a year. Modern day love shows a recurring pattern among today’s youth. Once they get bored of the love they themselves take a medicine called “Breakup” and get cured of the problem, but only to get into love with another person.The classical method’s of treating love are

  1. Father’s shoe/ belt
  2. Mother’s broomstick
  3. To the most strong love there is always tears of family members.

This was just for fun. To all all true lovers out there(if you exist), I wish you a love filled valentine’s day

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