Mobile Number Portability

The most awaited mobile service MNP (Mobile Number Portability) has been introduced today in India. Now mobile phone users will be able to switch their service providers for network coverage, service quality, customer support and price related issues. The cellular service providers will be able to to switch to another operator who can offer better network coverage, service quality, customer support or price. As of MNP launched, the largest service providers in India like Idea and Vodafone may get new faces as they were promoting MNP since long time. Some Mobile Number Portability FAQ’s are here to process or switch service provider under MNP

– Send a SMS to 1900 using syntax below in your SMS

PORT <Your Mobile Number> for example PORT 8254782XXX

After sending the sms You will receive a sms having a unique porting code you can use that code in communication with new service provider for MNP switching.

– Visit your current service provider office/franchise and clear your outstanding dues or bills if any.

Step 3
– Visit the new service provider’s office/franchise, apply MNP service. Here you would need to provide the unique porting code you received in step 1.
*Remember, unique porting code has some expiry time, you should complete the process ASAP.

After you apply to New Service provider, they will take some time for the approval process from your old service provider. This may takes 4-7 days approx for completion. During this time current mobile number will remain operative as Government said to them MNP mobile number service should not be discontinued until procedure completed by both service providers, However a domain time up to 2 hours may occur during technical process of MNP.

Step 4
– Your old service provider will surely tell expected date and time they will switch off your number, while new service provider will start your service thereafter.

Step 5
MNP charges are Rs.19, these charges are for porting your current mobile phone number from one operator to another. MNP charges should be paid to new service provider only. You will get the New SIM Card from your New Service Provider.

Now all you need to do is, change your SIM card to new after MNP is completed.

Instructions for Prepaid and Postpaid Users
Both Prepaid and Postpaid can avail MNP service, infect this program is for everyone.
Prepaid account balance will not be forwarded to new service provider. All current balance will lose when you will switch to new service provider, you better consume it before.
Postpaid users should clear all outstanding bills before porting the number.

Service Portability For CDMA and GSM
Yes now CDMA numbers can be ported to GSM service or vice-versa as well. As an example, It is now possible to shift from Reliance CDMA to Idea GSM.

MNP Program Rules and Limitations
-You can’t switch the service provider second time within 90 days of first portability.
-Circle Limitations is there, MNP does not work in inter circle portability.



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