Beware: Petrol Bunk Cheating In Pondicherry

Yesterday I was about to be cheated in a very unique way. I went to the petrol bunk opposite to “Balaji Theatre” in pondicherry. I asked the bunk worker petrol for Rs. 100.  The bunk was not having  machines in which the amount will be entered first and then petrol will be filled according to the specified amount. So it was up-to the petrol bunk workers to fill the correct quantity of petrol. Initially he filled for Rs. 30 and stopped. I told him that I want petrol for Rs. 100. He told I didn’t here it properly and then he told that still Rs. 70 is remaining and watch the counter. I was keeping an eye on the counter in the machine. This time he stopped at Rs. 70 and said it’s over. I understood he’s trying to cheat because he started at Rs. 30 and stopped at Rs. 70. This means he has effectively put petrol for Rs. 70 only. This time I told him see I asked to put 100 and still Rs. 30 worth petrol you didn’t fill. He acted like he has done by mistake and filled it. I didn’t make big fuzz out because one of friends was waiting and I don’t want to delay.

A lot of my blog readers are from pondicherry, I want to say one thing be careful when you fill petrol in this bunk and kindly say about this to your friends.


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  1. this is just one amongst many of their tactics ra.. Some times they talk with you and try to distract u from monitoring the meeter etc., 😦 It makes me really sad for them because they act as if they are money leeches…..

  2. ya it is even happening in hyderabad also they r cheating at a very high rate.must do something about them

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