Don’t Miss Your Small Gifts

Most of us Miss out life’s grandest prizes, like

  • Nobel
  • Oscar
  • Grammys

But all of us are eligible for these small gifts

  • A hug from best friend
  • A short sleep on mother’s lap
  • Glorious sunset with your family
  • A chat with someone with someone whom you like
  • An ice-cream when it’s raining
  • A silent night on the terrace
  • Money from old jeans
  • A slow walk on an empty road with the person you love on a full moon day

So don’t worry about the big prizes, but make sure that you don’t miss these small gifts.


About aronnirmal

A student pursuing Masters in Compter Applications. Intrested in Linux, Computer Hardware and networking,eco-enviorment related issues and politics.

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  1. ….its an excellent thought….! Lovely…
    Post more like this…..Its nice to read

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