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Google the search engine giant, for most people it’s their home page. If you want to find some thing just Google it you will find that the idea of most people. It has become synonymous with internet search.

Recently I found out two interesting tools from Google to for better searching experience. They are

  1. Wonder wheel
  2. Squared

Wonder Wheel

Google Wonder Wheel is a new great feature from Google which allows you to see relevant search results to your query in a unique semantically relevant and  graphically design way.Wonder Wheel provides the user with a flash based interface having the searched query in the middle and the related queries at its branches. The text based results are still available but shifted rightwards. As the user clicks on the related query, the wonder wheel expands and the results at the right hand side of the page changes. The main aim of the wonder wheel is to guide the user to reach to the relevant resource in an intuitive manner. It’s a keyword research tool. Let’s see it by an example, when perform search for “JAVA” the results are in displayed as shown below



Now click on the “More” link as shown



Now there will be lot of options to customize the search results. In that under All results heading select the wonder wheel tool.


Now you will see a wheel with your search phrase in the middle and related search phrases around it. The text based results will be displayed but it will be shifted to the right side.


Now the fun starts. You can navigate your way around the relevant key words and phrases and find more and more results. It’s easy and the graphical effects make it fun. The coolest part it is when you click on the relevant phrases the text results also will get updated. The following screen shot shows with search results for “Java Tutorials”


Google Squared

When a search is made via Google Squared, the results are presented in the form of rows and columns. Further, these results can be exported to an online spreadsheet program whereby it can be stored into a database.

Although it was presented to the group of media and people from search industry on May 12, 2009, yet it was not made public as Google’s Associate Product Manager Alex Komoroske admitted that owing to the search flaws in Google Squared. Later it was launched in Google labs. You can access it on

Google Squared is a semantic search product from Google. It was announced on May 12, 2009 and was launched on Google Labs on June 3, 2009. Squared was developed at Google’s New York office.It is the first significant effort by Google to understand information on the web and present it in new ways.

Google Squared extracts structured data from across the web and presents its results in spreadsheet-like format. Each search query return a table of search results which has its own set of columns – common attributes that are associated with the topic of a search. Squared is quite possibly … one of Google’s significant achievements. when I perform a search for “Prime Ministes of India”  the results will be as follows.


One good feature is that we can add our own columns to existing square to make the results more feature rich.


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