Tour of Pichavaram

Two days back I went on tour to a place called Pichavaram. Pichavaram is the second largest mangrove

Map picture

forest in the world, located near Chidambaram in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It’s situated at a distance of 18 Kilometers from chidambaram.The Pichavaram mangroves are considered among the healthiest mangrove occurrence

in the world. Pichavaram consists of a number of islands interspersing a vast expanse of water covered with green trees. The area is about 2800 acres and is separated from the sea by a sand bar which is a patch of extraordinary loveliness.

I enjoyed travelling in by a small row boat. The trees are unlike I have ever seen. The trees grows on water which only few feet deep. It was lovely place and proves there is nothing which can beat God’s creation. I would like to share some of the pictures which on this excursion.

Image_468 Image_475 Image_485 Image_486 Image_497 Image_520 Image_521  Image_443 Image_444 Image_449 Image_450 Image_451 Image_453 Image_455 Image_465 Image_467


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