Google’s New Social Networking Site

Google Me rumored to be a new social networking site from Google. It will directly compete with Facebook. Facebook is the number one site when it comes to social networking. Google the search engine giant had made lot of attempts in social media front. Its own social networking site “orkut” hadn’t been successful except in Brazil and India.

Twitter threatened its web search field with its “Real time” search facility. Google responded with real time search results and its own version of “Twitter” called “Google Buzz”.

Then there’s the quirky Google Wave, an online communication and collaboration tool that arguably replicates some of what Facebook does. Google latitude is a location awareness service which is not as successful as “Foursquare”, another such service. Google has made numerous attempts towards social networking front but most of them have been not successful.

With Google Me it’s planning to change all that. It’s also said that Google me will be integrated with “Google profiles”. It is also planning to integrate Wave, Buzz, Latitude into Google me. Google also partnered with “Zynga Games” creators of highly successful Facebook games like “Farmville”, “Mafia Wars”, “café World” etc. It’s these simple games makes Facebook more addictive. Google is planning to offer “Google games” free in its latest venture


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  1. Hope they don’t intrude my privacy again by “automatically” including me… 🙂

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