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A spelling Mistake Which Caused a Divorce

A Husband who is on a vacation sends this message to his wife

Having an amazing time wish you were her(e)


Sachin Joins Twitter

Sachin smiling

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So the twitter mania has not left the “God of Cricket” himself. Yes Sachin Tendulkar one of the greatest players ever to play cricket has joined Twitter and really set it on fire. He joined about 11:30 on Tuesday night and within 24 hours he has got 57,234 followers, which is not that surprising considering his status in India. His twitter handle is sachin_rt . His first tweet is

Finally the original SRT is on twitter n the first thing I’d like to do is wish my colleagues the best in the windies

A very large number of people, including many celebrities, have already hailed his joining Twitter and have been sending him congratulatory messages. And going by Little Master’s popularity, it seems he will set a record in cyberspace that will be difficult for many celebrities to surpass.

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What is a Sub Woofer?

12" Endurance 2k car subwoofer.

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A subwoofer(or sub) is a woofer or a complete speaker typically between 8  to 21 inches which are dedicated to reproduction of low pitched sound or the bass. Typical frequency range or a sub is 35-200Hz for consumer woofers, blow 100Hz for professional live sound and below 80Hz in THX approved systems.

Subs are used to augment performance of main loud speakers. They are constructed by mounting one or more woofers in well braced wood or plastic enclosure. The are designed using number of speaker enclosure designs like

Each of the above has it’s own advantages and dis advantages. Passive sub is a on which is powered by an external amplifier while an active sub woofer has an an built in subwoofer

Subwoofers use speaker drivers(woofers) typically between 8 and 21 inches diameter.

Source: The Hindu( DT 29 April, Pg:15)



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