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There are many ways to launch an application in Linux. One is the classic way opening the terminal and typing the name of the program or opening from the menu. Another method is to open the launcher(Alt +F2) and typing the name of the program(Like Run command in Windows). Trust me it is quicker to open a program via terminal once you got to used to it.

But recently I found another program called “Gnome Do” to launch an application. It uses keystrokes to open an application.


The above screen shot shows how it will look. It may vary according to users preference.When the user start typing something it will show all possible results. It is a self learning program. It means that when one types something and selects a particular result when the user types the word again the result which is mostly selected automatically.


Above is the example for that. When I started using it I have to type “Google Chrome” to open the browser. But now I have to type only “C” as it shown by underlining it.

Another good thing about it is the plugin feature. Plugins enhances the features of Gnome Do. There are lot of plugins my favorite is post it to twitter. One can select any text on the screen any post it Twitter directly.


There is also a text mode in which one can enter text and post it to twitter directly. Below is a example of that.


After entering the text just press “Esc” you will get a screen in which you can post the tweet.


To launch Gnome Do: Super Key(Window Key) + Space

Enter into text mode: .(Full stop)

All shortcuts can be changed at any point of time






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