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Executing C programs in Linux

A lot of use Windows as our operating system, but of late people started using Linux along with it. This is the article for programmers who would wish to use Linux for their programming purpose.

First create a C program using your text editor. Let it be “hello.c”

Now open the terminal and type

 “$ gcc hello.c”.

Here “$” symbol is the prompt and one need not type it again.

Now gcc will create an output file called “a.out” by default.

Next you type following command  the terminal to execute the  C program

$ ./ a.out.

If you execute too many programs in the same directory then each time the a.out file will get replaced. To avoid this use the following format,

 gcc -o <outputfilename> filename.c.

In this output file  will be created with the name specified by you.

Eg: For the above program you can type

gcc -o hello hello.c.

The file will be created with the name hello. Then you can execute the program by typing   $./hello.c


Ajith on his Racing Dreams

Ajith’s Full Interview From NDTV Hindu

Ajith Tamil actor and a F3 and F2 racer speaks about his upcoming F2 season. He speaks openly about his expectations his racing and movie career.

Lateral Thinking

This puzzle is called Lateral Thinking. Scroll down slowly and be honest to yourself.
Think like a wizard . . .



Q1. ———


Ans. = man overboard
Okay, let’s see if you’ve got the hang of it.




Q2. ————

Ans. = I understand
OK . . .
Got the drift ?
Let’s try a few now and see how you fare ?





Q3. /r/e/a/d/i/n/ g/
Ans. = reading between the lines



Q4.      r

Ans. = cross road
Not having a good day now, are you ? Redeem yourself.




Q5. cycle


Ans. = tricycle
Not easy to figure out ha!




Q6. ———



Ans. = two degrees below zero
C’mon give it a little thought! !



Q7. ————


Ans. = neon light
( knee – on – light )
U can prove u r smart by getting this one.





Q8. ———— —

    feet feet feet feet feet feet

Ans. = six feet underground
Oh no, not again ! !



Q9. he’s X himself
Ans. = he’s by himself
Now u messing up big time.



Q10. ecnalg
Ans. = backward glance
Not even close! !


Q11. death ….. life
Ans. = life after death
Okay last chance ………… ……




Ans. = think big ! !
And the last one is real fundoo – – –



Q13. ababaaabbbbaaaabbbb ababaabbaaabbbb. ..
Ans. = long time no ‘C’

Kings in a pack of cards


Lot of people games with a pack of cards, but how many know that king card in all four suits have names. This practice was adopted  by French card manufacturers. The names of the kings are

Suit Name
Spade David(A biblical king)
Heart Charles(charlemagne)
Diamond Ceaser( May be after Julius Ceaser)
Clubs Alexander(Alexander the great)

Reasons I like Google Buzz

When Google launched it’s social networking and messagingng tool buzz most people like me thought that it’s just Google’s version of  Twitter. Over a period of time I started liking it. Here are some reasons which made me like Buzz

  1. All in one: I say Buzz is all rounder of  social networking. One can chat,mail,provide status update,share what they like all in one place. with one account we can do all above without switching to another site.
  2. No setup: This is the one which I really love. Everybody well almost everybody has an Gmail account. So need to go through the process of registering for another social networking site. No need to remember one more username and password.
  3. Real-time: It is really really an real time service. I can see my friends updates without even refreshing the screen.
  4. More Reach: With other social networking sites you should make friends to register in that site and then add you as an friend or make them to follow you. In Buzz also they have to follow you but they do it in a easy way by just going to buzz window and select the people to follow. Since already there are lot of contacts in everybody’s address book there is high probability that lot people will follow you.
  5. No Limits: Unlike other micro blogging sites there is limit to number of characters that one can enter in Buzz there is no limit. On can upload even photos in this.
  6. Link Details: When one enters a link to buzz it google automatically detects the information about the link and posts that also,and searches for images in the link posts that also.
  7. Connected Sites: One connect other social networking sites to Google buzz.You can import stuff to Buzz from Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader, and -surprise, surprise – Twitter. This make things easier because we need not visit every site separately every time.
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