About pages in Google chrome

Google chrome has list of special pages to display various information about memory used, cached pages,and important data.So here is list of about pages to Google chrome.


Google Chrome shows the version number the browser, WebKit and V8 (JavaScript engine). You can also find the user-agent used by Google Chrome.


The list of plug-ins that are available in Google Chrome: Shockwave Flash, RealPlayer etc.


A list of all the web pages cached by Google Chrome. The browser doesn’t have an option to limit the cache’s size, so it’s recommended to regularly empty the cache.


This pages compares the memory used by all the active browsers and by Google Chrome’s tabs.


A  list of histograms for Google Chrome’s internal metrics.


Google Chrome prefetches the DNS records for 10 frequently visited hostnames. This feature can be disabled in Options > Under the Hood by unchecking "Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance".


Crash the active tab. Google Chrome displays the "sad tab" image, followed by this message: "Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. To continue, press Reload or go to another page".


Type this in the address bar of a tab when there’s already an active web page to hang the process (this means that the process no longer accepts any signal, but it’s still running). The other tabs will continue to work and the active tab can be closed.


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