Linux Is User Friendly

Many people reluctant to use Linux because they think it is not as user friendly as Windows .But it’s not true. Linux is far more user friendly than anyone can understand. Here’s why

  1. Easy update: One can update a Linux system with a single mouse click. Windows also has an update option but updates only the operating system and Microsoft products only. For other softwares we have to do manually, but in Linux with single click one update the operating system softwares installed. Even a small library or a script is update
  2. No more reboots: In Linux there no need for rebooting after installation of any software or even updating the system. You have reboot only after updating the kernel. But in windows ever a non critical update or sometimes a software installation can as k for reboot to complete.
  3. Easy Software installation: It is easy to install software. Just select the software you want from the package manager Linux will do the remaining things for you.
  4. Never lose the Settings: in windows every time after installation one has to do lot of changes. In Linux all settings are stored in user’s home directory. One copy these settings and can use it on any Linux system he wants.
  5. Be Informed: In Linux whatever happens is known to the user. For example when one shuts down a system it displays a message “The system is going to halt”. When it is being restarted it displays a message “System is going for reboot”. Every single action and error is recorded in plain text files. The user can see and understand what happens. In case of an error the user itself can solve it or search the web to find the relevant information. There is a great community for each Linux distribution with whom we can get help easily.
  6. Be secured: basically Linux system doesn’t need antivirus software because Linux doesn’t get affected by virus. In windows it just the opposite. One has to always thinking about updating antivirus, anti spyware and scanning the system every now and then. This is actually waste of time and system resources.
  7. Legally use an operating system: windows users tend to think using pirated software is not a big crime. That is not the case with lynx users. Linux users can be proud that they are using a genuine operating system without breaking the law.
  8. Ready for immediate use: After installing Linux the system is ready for use immediately. No need of installing drivers or any software. All the basic software one needs is pre installed. Again in windows it is just opposite. One has to install all drivers and other softwares they need to work on the system
  9. Great visual effects: Often many say that windows is visually appealing, if you are one of them change your mind. Try to use KDE desktop or install compos. Then you will realize that you will never get those effects in windows. All of these without any advanced hardware.
  10. 10.  At last wish to conclude by saying,

Linux is user friendly

But not Ignorant friendly

Or Idiot friendly



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