Real Time Search In Google

There was a time when Google was synonymous with search.Everybody started their browsing by opening Google’s page,and even though yahoo and live(now Bing) search tried their best but couldn’t match Google.But threat to Google came from a unlikely area called social networking especially from twitter and facebook.With user generating the content this became the new way to search for information and a new term called “Real Time Search” was coined.With these two social networking sites catching up can the leader in the field be behind.For sometime now google is said to be working on including real time search results in it’s normal search results.Recently Google has included real time search results as Latest results in it’s search options.For example let us take hottest topic today “Tiger Woods”.When you search for tiger woods in google a box kind of area appears which displays real time results for tiger woods updated from twitter,and various other blog posts and forums.

 real time

That’s nice isn’t it.If one clicks on the latest results link one will be directed to the page full of real time search results for Tiger Woods.


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