Search Using Different Search engines in Chrome

Most of us who use chrome think at times is it possible to search using different search engines using the Omnibar(chrome’s address bar),because most of set default search engine as Google and always end up with search results in Google search.What if you wanted to search YouTube for videos?Most people type in the omnibar and then search this might be comfortable for some.Actually Google taken care of this,Just follow these steps and you can search from the search engine of your choice

  1.  spanner Click on the tool like icon in the chrome window.
  2. Then in that choose options.
  3. in the options window choose Basics.
  4. In this there will be an option “Default Search”.Near that there will be an button labelled “Manage” .Click on that.
  5. searchA Window like this appear.










In that Select the search engine of your wish and click “Edit” button.A window like this will appear.


Enter the keyword for the search engine.I have entered “Gug” to Google.From now onwards when when you type gug in omnibar it will appear like this


Now you can press tab and search in search engine of your choice.


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