Google building Maker

Crowd sourcing is the recent trend of web companies like facebook,twitter,Google.Google has taken it seriously has introduced Google Building Maker.It is an Google earth plug-in using which allows the users to create 3d models of buildings which are marked my Google.This is done by aerial photos and and 3d shapes provided by Google.The folks at Google describes it as an game rather than a exercise..They tell it is addictive.It is a nice move to crowd source this process as it is not possible for people at Google to create 3d modelling of all buildings.When people are done they review the model and if a better model doesn’t exist it will be added to 3d layers in Google earth.This web app is casual tool more like a toy.


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A student pursuing Masters in Compter Applications. Intrested in Linux, Computer Hardware and networking,eco-enviorment related issues and politics.

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