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Rahul Dravid

He is sporstman who is role model for every one beyond the sports arena.More than rahula great sportsman he is great human being.I Indian cricket one generally doesn’t find a person who is so much dedicated to team.He is a batsman who has batted in positions from 1 to7 and kept wickets for India.Even he is senior cricketer he  will do what the team demands.Even when he was dropped from the ODI team he did not blame any other and has returned to ODI team.

His Records

  • Dravid is the 3rd Indian (6th in World) to score more than 10,000 test runs.
  • Has been involved in the most century partnerships in Test history – 76 (5 April 2009).
  • Scored nearly 23% of the total runs put up by India (with a batting average of 102.84) in the 21 Test matches won under Ganguly’s captaincy. This is the highest percentage contribution by any batsman in Test cricket history in matches won under a single captain where the captain has won more than 20 Tests.[35]
  • 2nd longest streak of consecutive Tests since debut (93 + 1 in ICC XI) missed 95th test at Ahmedabad due to fever, behind Adam Gilchrist (96).
  • Only player to score a century against every Test playing nation away from home.[37]
  • Involved in highest partnership made away from home for any wicket for India with vice captain Virender Sehwag of 410 runs vs Pakistan at Lahore in 2006 (also, the highest partnership between a captain and the vice captain). Only Pankaj Roy and Vinoo Mankad have scored more runs in a partnership for India, 413 vs New Zealand in Chennai (6-11 Jan 1956).
  • Dravid is one among the only three batsmen to hit Test centuries in four consecutive innings. The other two are Jack Fingleton and Alan Melville. Dravid achieved this by hitting scores of 115, 148, 217 and 100* in three successive matches against England and one against the West Indies. Only Everton Weekes, with centuries in five consecutive innings, has achieved a longer sequence of consecutive Test hundreds.[
  • With scores of 50 or more in 7 consecutive Tests Dravid is behind only to Tendulkar(8) among the Indian batsmen. IVA Richards holds the record for most with 11.
  • He is currently 2nd among batsmen who have scored most away runs in Tests (6430 as of April 2009). Only Sachin Tendulkar (7165) has scored more away Test runs.
  • He has played 150 innings of 94 tests at number 3. He has scored more than 8000 runs at this position. Both feats are world records.
  • 2nd Indian batsman to score twin hundreds in a Test twice, after Sunil Gavaskar. Gavaskar and Ponting are the only batsmen to score twin hundreds in a Test thrice.
  • One of only two Indians to score 5 double hundreds.(each bigger than the previous 200* vs Zimbabwe, 217 vs England, 222 vs New Zealand, 233 vs Australia, 270 vs Pakistan).
  • Dravid holds the record for the most number of catches by a non-wicketkeeper (184) in the world.
  • Partnering with Tendulkar, has scored more runs than any other pair, excluding opening pairs. They are the 3rd best in terms of total number of partnership runs scored by a pair in test cricket. [39]
One Dayers
  • Dravid is the 3rd Indian (6th in World) to score more than 10,000 ODI runs.

Partnership Records

  • The only batsman to have been involved in two ODI partnerships exceeding 300 runs.
  • First batsman to be involved in a 300 run partnership in a Cricket World Cup along with Sourav Ganguly in the 1999 World Cup match against Sri Lanka at Taunton.
  • Involved in all three highest 4th wicket partnerships against South Africa, two with Yuvraj Singh.
  • Involved in the highest partnership in the history of ODI cricket with a 331 run partnership along with Sachin Tendulkar vs New Zealand at Hyderabad in 1999-2000.

World Cup Records

  • He was the leading run scorer in the 1999 World Cup with 461 runs.
  • Has the 2nd highest score (145) by a wicketkeeper in a World Cup behind AC Gilchrist(149).
  • He was only the second wicketkeeper-batsman after Zimbabwean Dave Houghton to score an ODI hundred in the World Cup.
  • He was the second batsman after Mark Waugh to score back-to-back hundreds in the World Cup

Captaincy Records

  • He is tied with Sachin Tendulkar in fourth place for having captained India in the most victorious matches

Other Records

  • Has the record of not being dismissed on duck for 120 consecutive ODI matches
  • 3rd Highest number of fifties, after Sachin Tendulkar (93) and Inzamam Ul Haq (83).He is great Indian wall

Jacques Kallis

Arguably the best all-rounder that I have seen in cricket Jacques Kallis plays for south Africa.He is the onlyJacques_Kallis_300   player in the history of test cricket to have more than 10.000 runs and 250 wickets.He was being criticised for his un willingness to attack the ball and was dropped from the South African 2007 World T20 team.Since then he has shown his intent to attack the ball and now opener in south african cricket team.He was named “Leading Cricketer of the year” in 2008 and “ICC test player of the year” and “ICC player of the year” in 2005.He is only third player in history of test cricket to hit continuous 5 test centuries.

Michael Hussey

He is one of those cricketers who came into international cricket very late.He made his one dayMike-Hussey and test debut at the age of 28 and 30 respectively.He has been called Mr.Cricket for his encyclopaedic knowledge  about the game.Even though he was a late comer he was No.1 batsman in ICC ODI rankings 2005.He play for Australia.

  • He was the fastest player to reach 1000 test runs.
  • He currently has second highest batting average.

He has taken the role of finisher from Michael Bevan successfully.Often in Indian cricket I find even though openers provide the momentum but still end up as losers.He one kind of batsmen whom I would love find in Indian cricket team.

Roger Federer

He was the reason I started watching Tennis.One day I was watching tennis because there wasroger-federer nothing else  interesting to watch.This man played like “I don’t have word to explain” like water flowing on grass his feet were moving on the court and he doing it so stylishly and elegantly.He didn’t rely on his physical prowess but on his skill.He didn’t muscle the ball but helped the ball to go where he wanted to go.I’m not going to mention his record because there are too much say.If you want to know about him click here.




Michael Schumacher

The greatest F1 driver ever to race. He has the most number of F1 championships(7).He won his msfirst two  championships with Bennetton Ford .Before his joining Ferrari has las t wor Drivers Championship in 1979 and constructors championship in 1983.After joining Schumacher and Ferrari became a lethal combinations. He won 5 of 7 world titles in Ferrari continuously from year 2000 to 2004. He has been called “Red Baron” due to colour or of ferrari team and his driving abilities.He is also called Rain Master due his skills in rain filled Races.He has most number of wins in F1,most number of poles,podiums in entire history of F1.


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    Wonderful! Good choice of sportsmen … I am also a great admirer of these legends especially The Wall, Mr. Cricket, Fedex ..

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