Ways To Save Battery

Batteries are nowadays used in all appliances especially rechargeable ones.Right from laptops to cameras and torch lights.Many times we find batteries last shorter than the expected.Most of the times the charge doesn’t last longer and sometimes battery itself loses it capability of holding it’s charge for longer time.Here are some tips to save your battery

  1. Always empty your battery fully and charge it again.
  2. Do not over use your battery,means don’t discharge completely every day and recharge.If you want to use use two or more sets of battery.
  3. When using in digital cameras turn off flash at places it is not necessary.
  4. In laptops discharge your laptop battery at least once in a week and recharge it.
  5. If it is not used for long time keep the battery separately with at least 40% of charge in it.
  6. For mobile phones disable warning tones ,key pad tones.Disable vibration and keep the ringing volume low wherever possible.Reduce the display brightness as low as possible.
  7. In laptops stop un necessary processes and services.Use windows classic theme and disable windows wallpaper and screen saver.Keep the desk top background as black colour and also reduce monitors brightness.Remove any un wanted usb devices.

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