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Some days back when I was talking to my friend about Linux desktops he asked what does that mean is it something like themes in windows. Then I realised people who are used to windows get confused with idea that one can have different desktops. Linux was basically a Operating System without any graphical user interface(GUI),for a very long time this was one of the major hurdles for people who wanted to use Linux. Since Linux is open source many people created different desktops for Linux which is basically a front-end for Linux. These are complete interfaces with their own applications and visual appeal. So when you choose a different desktop it will be as if you are using a different operating system. There are lot of options for Linux f these most common one are Gnome and Kde.Let us see about these two.



Gnome-GNU Network Object Model Environment.

This was started in 1997. It uses completely free software right from beginning of the project.This is the default desktop in many distros like Ubuntu and Fedora.It has an clean uncluttered gnomedesign which makes it easy to adapt for users who are new to Linux.In this menu is “Category Based” like “Accessories”,”Games”,”Sound and Video” and the related softwares are placed in the appropriate category .Gnome desktop is having a professional look and not bloated with too many features.GNOME is designed around the traditional computing desktop metaphor. Its handling of windows, applications and files is similar to that of contemporary desktop operating systems. In its default configuration, the desktop has a launcher menu for quick access to installed programs and file locations; open windows may be accessed by a taskbar along the bottom of the screen and the top-right corner features a notification area for programs to display notices while running in the background. It uses Metacity as its default window manager.The default video player is “Totem Movie Player” and audio player is “Rhythmbox”, cd burning application is “Brasero”. The thing with Gnome is that doesn’t look appealing as much as KDE.It has different look when compared to Windows because of the location of the menu and task bar.


KDE-K desktop Environment

Here K doesn’t denote anything it is just the alphabet “k”.In my view KDE is Linux’s answer tokde-logo Apple.It has really beautiful appearance which windows users will appreciate very well. It has interface similar to that of windows so in many place when one wants give training to students first the make the students to use KDE and then shift to Gnome.The audio player in KDE is called amarok which is widely popular among Linux users.KDE is based on a technology called Qt which was once a proprietary software(for windows only) .It is nothing but a cross platform application development program.The desktop has various applications and widgets for different purposes like twiiter updating, weather and lots of other stuff.


My Opinion

 I started using Linux with Gnome desktop and had no major problem in using it. Initially I had small problems in adjusting to the menu options but as time progressed it became easy  to use. In KDE’s case it was not that much easy to use may be due to fact that I’m used Gnome’s style.But one thing is that it has appearance which makes anyone who sees the desktop use it.


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