Bespin is a Mozilla labs project.It is an open source web based IDE designed to run entirely within a web browser.It  focuses on web programming with  of HTML 5 technology.It’s main aim is  to create an open extensible and interoperable web-based framework for code editing.bespin

Bespin encourages a more shared environment where data can be accessed from any machine.This allows developers to collaborate on projects through a unified interface accessed through a web browser, no matter where they are physically located.The application is available to anyone after free registration on the website.

The Bespin project was first launched in February with the goal of producing a next-generation software development tool in the cloud. It has a highly extensible command system and a heavily keyboard-oriented user interface that is richly powerful and still relatively easy to use. The project has attracted a lot of interest from third-party developers and has become a nexus for innovation.It is Mozilla foundations entry into cloud computing.With bespin one can “code in the cloud”.


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