Linux Developer Community is Growing

n A report published  by the Linux Foundation provides insight into the state of the Linux kernel development community and includes statistics that reveal which companies are the most prolific contributors. The study indicates that the project is attracting new programmers and has strong backing from a highly diverse assortment of hardware and software companies that actively participate in the development process.

The Linux kernel, with over 11.5 million lines of code, is arguably one of the largest and most significant open source software projects. The health of the kernel development ecosystem is important to the growing number of Linux vendors and adopters. The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization that coordinates kernel development, studies the matter closely. In April 2008, the organization released its first report with kernel contributor statistics. The new report provides updated information and a view into the current state of the kernel.

According to the report, the number of kernel developers who contribute to each release has increased by approximately 10 percent since the 2008 study, with almost 1,000 developers participating in each released version of the kernel. The entire code base has grown by over 2.7 million lines while the number of lines of code that are contributed ever day has nearly tripled. An average of 5.45 patches are accepted every hour.


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