Changing The location of Page file

Page file is a method of using free disk space on the hard disk as a RAM. The operating system does this by moving the programs currently not in use to the page file creating more free space in RAM. The page file also called virtual memory. Generally it is situated in the system root(most commonly C:) and it’s size is managed by the operating system(Windows). It’s always better to change the location of the page file because

              Since the page file is in the c: and all your program files and user files are also stored in the same drive the same partition is accessed for everything and this leads to regular addition and removal of data which leads to high fragmentation of this partition a which includes the page file also. Since page file can’t be defragmented like other files it leads to performance degradation. 

Here are the steps to relocate your page file,before doing create a seperate partition for your page file.

  1. Right click on My computer and select properties
  2. Under the advanced tab in the in the “Visual Effects,Processor Scheduling..”area click on settings button.
  3. In performance options box chose “advanced tab”
  4. In the  the Virtual memory section and click the change button.
  5. In the virtual memory menu option chose C: and select the no paging file option.
  6. Select the drive  in which you want to place the page file.
  7. Select the custom size option;
  1. In that you have to enter initial and final size of the page file
  2. By rue of thumb Initial size of page file is 1.5 times your RAM and final size twice the size of the RAM
  3. If your RAM is 2Gb Then initial size is=3072 Mb Final size = 4096
  • Set the size according to your RAM and restart your computer.
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