Windows Xp Vs. Vista

I have used  both xp and vista here is my comparison between them


         vista uses resources of the system like a hungry monster. for vista to run properly we need minimum of 2GB of RAM. Even with that it is slow. i have seen my freind laptop’s with RAM of 4GB struggling to perform. To install vista we need about 11GB of hard disk space. My system after installing vista and drivers took 11.5 GB.

          On the other hand xp we can run even with a RAM of 256MB. We can install xp within 1 gb with all drivers.


          Vista is power hungry os. As for vista no matter how much resouce you provide you perfomance is always slow.                  vista takes minimum of 400MB of RAM.

            Xp on other hand uses less resources and takes a RAM about 200MB for normal operation.

xp is better





             Many people like vista for it’s visual appeal and eyecandy features. But it comes at a huge cost of system                                  resources.

           xp though less on eyecandy features we can acheive the features with softwares like vista tranformation pack and             vistamizer with less resources what vista is taking


           In vista most of the older software won’t work proprly. Example I was having a music player called AIMP. It was                working well with xp but was buggy with vista. Though the lates version of it is bug free. Another example is Turbo            c compiler won’t work in full scree with vista

            In xp we have collection of software like no other Os is having. So we have a lot options to chose from.


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  1. My personal opinion is i like XP and i don’t even consider vista as an option.

  2. vista gives performance that everyone will know which is not given even little by xp that u should accept

    • basic requirement of any software is that it must be backward compatible or at least give an option to upgrade without any loss of data.. this is where, according to me vista fails miserably

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