Improving perfomance of your computer

Here I give some 10 tips to improve performance of your computer

1. Disable all the unnecessary entries from the startup by clicking

          start –> run and type msconfig

In that click on startup tab and disable the entries you don’t want

2.Change your paging file to a seperate drive in your system.

    To change it right click on my computer and click properties

    Then the advanced tab and in that select performance options

    In that click advanced tab and chose change in virtual memory

    By default the virtual memory settings are managed by the Operating system 

    The paging file  will be allocated in your c: or the drive where you have installed your Operating system

    Click on c:(assuming that you have your os in that drive) and select the option No paing file

     Now select the drive where you want to put your paging file

     Select the custom size option

     Set Initial size as 1.5 times your RAM size

     Set final size as 2 times of your Ram size.

3. Defragment your system regularly using Disk defragmenter you can access it by clicking

      start–>All programs–>Accessories–>system tools–>Disk Defragmenter

4. If you don’t like wall papers or screen savers you can disble them from desktop properties

5.Go to my computer properties as in point 2 and click advanced. In that in performance pane click settings.

     In visual effects tab select custom for your computer visual settings, In that uncheck all options except the last          one  use visual styles on windows and buttons which gives you nice appearance with good performance.

6.For those who don’t want any eyecandy features use windows classic theme

7.Always keep 20% of your drive space empty

8.Uninstall unnecessary programs

9. Use a software for defragmenting your paging file

10.If still need more performance use LINUX


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A student pursuing Masters in Compter Applications. Intrested in Linux, Computer Hardware and networking,eco-enviorment related issues and politics.

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  1. nice tips ra… but expects 10th one ;(

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