How to install Linux

For many of beginers the first hurdle when using linux is Installing linux itself. There are no partitions with labels or drive lettters added to that all those sda/hda thing make linux a haunting experince. Even after giving all details it won’t install properly and to make things worse it will create problems with your windows installation also. I lost my windows 3 times before learning how to install linux. Here is a simple way to install linux. This is not a standard method or any recomended method but which will be usefull for any novice.

1.Make a partition empty in your windows installation.

2.Delete that partition from windows. To delete right click on my computer and click manage from the menu .

3.You will get computer management window and in that click disk management.This will list all your partitions.

4.Delete the empty drive by rightclicking on it and electing delete.

5.Now restart your computer with linux cd in your cd rom.

6.You will get a list of partitions.

7.The deleted partition will be shown as free space.

8.Click on that and click new.

9.Select filetype as swap or linux swap depending on distribution.

10.Give it’s size equal to twice the size of RAM at he begining.

11.Give all remaining space as mount point(/) with filetype ext3.This is your parttion for entire linux.

12.Give next and enter other details now linux will be installed.


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  1. Thats ok, but how to uninstall linux?

  2. uninstalling linux means go to computer management and format it or delete that logical drive and again create ra

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